Below are useful codes for any web activists.

These codes include scaling a website to size on a phone, or embedding a youtube on an HTML document.


Mobile Devices

Look at your site on Different Screens

Example of Mobile Code For Scaling a Website to Size

How to view page source code on an ipad or iphone

Making Videos Mobile Friendly

How to Make an Icon Appear on Your Apple Phone's Homescreen


Facebook Videos

How to change the size of a Facebook Video

How to embed facebook video unmuted

How to download facebook videos with realplayer


Facebook Business

Facebook Business Resources


YouTube Videos

Guide to Posting Youtube Videos

Adding Time Stamp to YouTube Video


Making Videos

Converting a Video File into an Audio File

Free Video Editors


Inserting MP4 Videos into HTML5 Code

Test here

Autoplaying Video

720 by 400 video


Social Networking

Facebook and Twitter Codes

Testing Facebook and Twitter Codes

Guide To Facebook Code

Add Tweet Button

Add Facebook Share Button

Backing up a Wordpress Blog

How to use Twitter Cards

Twitter Card Test


Other Web Code

Do Not Follow Codes

Icon Instructions


Password Protected Page