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The Mission of ICRD

Bridging Religious Considerations with the Practice of International Politics in Support of Peacemaking.

Many ethnic, tribal and religious conflicts do not lend themselves to government-to-government intervention. To complement those efforts, ICRD employs its unique capabilities in the areas where it can have a value-added impact by:
1) decreasing religion’s role as a driver of conflict;
2) increasing the role of religious clergy and laity in peacemaking;
3) increasing the capacity of religious peacemakers;
4) increasing policy-makers’ awareness of and receptivity to the potential contributions of religious peacemakers.
Regardless of one’s spiritual persuasion, there are two compelling reasons why the Center’s work is important. First, the need for more effective preventive measures to minimize the occasions in which we are forced to send our sons and daughters in harm’s way. Second, the need for a stable global environment to support the kind of economic growth that can benefit an expanding percentage of the world’s population. By linking religious reconciliation with official or unofficial diplomacy, ICRD has created a new synergy for peacemaking that serves both of these needs.

New Developments

ICRD Update: A Point Above the Horizon

Last month ICRD’s President Emeritus, Dr. Douglas Johnston, testified on the Hill about Saudi Arabia’s public education curriculum. Read our latest update to learn about his testimony and the Center’s ongoing work in facilitating textbook reform in the Kingdom.

This update also features our new White Paper Empowering Yemeni Peacemakers: The Intersection of Conflict Resolution & CVE, which details the far-reaching impact of our work in Yemen. This effort has culminated in local projects to resolve issues identified by participants and has affected more than 1,000 locals.

ICRD June Update: Blessed Are the Peacemakers

Eighteen years after founding ICRD and pioneering the practice of faith-based diplomacy, Dr. Douglas Johnston has retired. In his first Monthly Update as ICRD’s new president, James Patton looks to the future both with optimism and awareness of the challenges lying ahead.

With new initiatives such ICRD’s Peacemakers’ Council, the Center continues its work around the globe in promoting faith-based reconciliation, supporting conflict resolution, and countering violent extremism. We need your support and feedback now more than ever. Read more in our latest update, and contact us with any feedback or suggestions you may have.

ICRD May Update: Honoring "The Honorable"

In his final update, Dr. Johnston recounts this year’s Faith-in-Action Award dinner, which included honoring the former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright as our awardee, fascinating stories by Special Guest Speaker Dr. Bob Roberts, and the passing of the leadership baton to our very own Mr. James Patton. Check out the update, to see and hear all the inspiring words that were said during the night.

ICRD April Update: Come Celebrate the Changing of the Guard

Seats are going fast for ICRD’s 2017 Faith-in-Action Award Dinner! This year, we will pay tribute to the Honorable Madeleine Albright and celebrate a change in leadership for ICRD in which Executive Vice President James Patton will assume the role of President and CEO. Read more from our latest update.

ICRD Update: A Time For Partnering

ICRD is pleased to report that our Center has received a generous matching grant to help maintain our current reach in light of looming government cutbacks. Please read our newest update about the importance of partnering to maintain our effectiveness in an increasingly polarized and conflicted world.

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