Improving Activist Guides

Memo: Our guides for creative people, streamlining the message

Take changes from UWW index and apply them to Activist guide

Link to more of our key stuff, like the nature videos on WFF and some of our key photoessays.



Do more audios

Sort audios

Themes for Audios

Using more soundtracks

Have staff do more audios



Update Fade to Black

Pick videos to download



Landscape Art (What I produced in the past, though you said you didn't like this)

Sort Art VIP

Prioritize and explain Facebook Art better (produce a version with maybe 10 good links that are explained)


Art Examples

Put together some page 4 examples of great nature photos.

Put together some page with 4 examples of classic landscape art

Put together some page with 4 examples of classic landscape photography

Explain how to do a google search for specific artists


Libraries pages update (on my computer)

Add Nuclear Links to Nuclear Pages

Add Bernie Sanders Green New Deal Plan to our Green New Deal Pages

German Civilian Death Toll in WWII update code



Amazonian Chief Warning   Index of Amazonian Content

Take Rainforest Burning Page off Primevalghosts and put it on UWW

The Top Environmental Horrors of our World

Untersberg Myths

Triage - add my transcript to your primevalghosts page

Bromo volcano. (Your version)   Bromo Volcano with videos (my version)

The Universe is Full of Life (Currently on Primevalghosts, needs to be on UWW or WFF)

Walrus Video


Top New Articles to Write

Animal rights quotes

Open Office, Insanity of modern life

20 trillion for rich

Warren's Carbon Tax

Don Beyer's Carbon Tax