World Economic History

Global Economic Revolution   (Replace Old Version on Web)

A history of the world GDP over two millennia.

As the tide of Western imperialism recedes, China and India return to their former roles.


The Top World Economies 1700-2000 (This needs to be updated)

World economic trends of China, India, Japan, Europe and the U.S.A from 1700 to 2000.

Global Wealth Inequality

People and Money (This might need to be updated, because it's gotten even worse since this was published)

The distribution of wealth today in our world.

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World Poverty

Growth of Slums  (I remember you had me look up more up to date information about this, but this might be okay as is)

The growth of slums from 1990 to 2030.

A study of human misery in the real future ahead.

America's International Position

The Collapse of America's International Investment Position (Replace Old Version on Web)

America has gone from the world's largest creditor, to the world's largest debtor, with a net debt of $8 trillion.


International Savings and Investment  (Replace Old Version on Web)

Losing the future. The collapse of savings.


America's Balance of Payments Deficit (Replace Old Version on Web)

America's trade disaster


Trade Deficits (Was this published? Can't find it on the index)

America today lives on borrowed money. This is not sustainable.


America - The Global Scrooge?  (Replace Old Version on Web)

America's Low Commitment of Aid to Developing Nations

U.S. Government

Total US Debt As A Share of GNP  (This is fine)

Total U.S. debt as a share of GNP is at an all time high.


Taxes and Deficit  (Replace Old Version on Web)

Why major tax increases must be a part of any major budget reform.

The Role of the Federal Government in the the U.S. Economy

Government Spending (Replace Old Version on Web)

As a percent of GDP, America has one of the smallest government in the developed world.


America's Low Tax Rate (Replace Old Version on Web)

As a percent of GNP, taxes are lower in America than almost all major modern states.


Low Federal Workforce (Replace Old Version on Web)

The federal workforce is at a 60 year low.

Military Spending

The Cost of Imperial Delusion (Was this published? Can't find it on the index)

American defense spending is now higher than it was at any time since World War II.

American Workers

U.S. Falls Behind in Worker Re-training (New)

Even Chile, a country poorer than the United States, spends more on resources for its workers than the United States does.

American Wages

America's Minimum Wage is Back to The 1950s (New)

Adjusting for inflation, minimum wage is back to where it was in the 1950s.


The Stagnation of America's Average Hourly Earnings (New)

A chart that shows that wages have stagnated since 1973

Stuff to Remove

Third World Wages (This should be deleted)