Political Biology (Primevalghosts/Warrior) I chose the picture

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Since the 18th century there has been a lot of talk about human rights.

Yet human rights cannot exist without human responsibility.

Today there is a maniacal focus on human rights - but complete neglect for the biological foundations of life on the planet.


TWILIGHT OF IDOLS (Primevalghosts/Warrior) I chose the picture

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At the beginning of 2014, The Pope's Doves of Peace were attacked by a seagull and a crow. A very omenous omen for 2014.

In this lecture, we look at American history so far and much of the bad karma it has accumulated over time.

Instead of building an environmentally safe world, we spent trillions to perpetuate the Cold War and all kinds of violence.

The system is not working. New leaders are likely to rise from the underground -

and WFF will supply the information needed about this transformation of power.


THE NEW TOTALITARIANISM (Audio on Primevalghosts/Warrior)    I chose the picture

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Ever since the 9/11 attacks, the groundwork has been building for a totalitarian state in America. The lecture explains this groundwork in more detail.


*FUTURE VIOLENCE, FUTURE DICTATORS (Primevalghosts/Warrior) I chose the picture

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The real future via the fake future. A discussion on the massive brutality and death toll ahead.


PRIMEVAL REAWAKENING (Primevalghosts/Warrior)  I chose the picture

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This lecture needs subtitles.

A discussion on the violence of the primeval past, and the resurgance of new violence to come.