The purpose of this lecture is to discuss editorial plans for the rest of this year and 2018 what were going to focus on here is what we need to do more of in terms of subjects that we have not adequately covered


Lifestyle for power

one of the issues that needs to be explained further is lifestyle control like what kind of lifestyle do you need to be creative like where should you live how should you live how do you get quiet times to be alone what kind of music to listen to this needs to be more clearly explained and how many articles this would require that's that's a very interesting matter certainly one on health should be a priority on it's very difficult for people to be what they should be because there's so little nature around people so say go go walk in nature doesn't necessarily mean a whole lot are and so as we've mentioned it may mean watching the nature video that may be about the only coordinator there ever going to see so that needs to be considered that needs to be elaborated on

PLANNING: Things to watch in the morning   Things to listen to in the morning   News to Read in the Morning

NOT PUBLISHED YET: Health Guide   

PUBLISHED (PERHAPS WE SHOULD POST THESE ON FACEBOOK): The Power To Create (This was hard to find on the index. We need to showcase this more).


books are still extremely important and for really important things a book is often better than a Kindle book or what ever the issue of Kindle is relevant though for people going on long trips where Wi-Fi may be very spotty for instance on a transpacific flight a transatlantic flight and so on so that's also an issue okay that's also an issue and it's all a question of priorities now


PLANNING: Reading lists we need to create



New Book List

Sun Tzu and The Art of War   Japanese Books on War

The Fall of Greek Democracy   Spartan Warrior State   Augustus Caesar - Reading List   Emperor Reading List


PUBLISHED: WFF Book Lists   Future Watch Writer Page   World Future Fund Library


College Courses

the issue of books is also related to the issue of outlines of university and high school courses a subject we haven't adequately dealt with is the issue of multicultural education and how that is presented and who we might coordinate with as far as that's concerned that's also a subject that we have not adequately discussed now I'm going to have a second part of this lecture coming up shortly


Classical music

yes there is a page on it on the web is not of the level of importance that it should be and there needs to be greater explanation of the significance of specific composers in particular Beethoven and Wagner this needs to barely be explained more clearly


PUBLISHED: Links on Classical Music   Wagner's Writing   Richard Wagner


 also in the case of film the significance of films needs to be explained more clearly we need to think on a very big scale world future fund our business empire are online empire is to be a free university for the worldliness to laying the groundwork for education



PUBLISHED:  Great Films    Lord of the Rings   Hobbit  Matrix    300 Series   Spartacus TV Series    Spartacus Highlights   Who are the White Walkers?  Das Blaue Licht 



so in the end as we said over and over again this all requires priorities giving people a list of 200 books is not terribly useful okay so that's what makes this very difficult to do is how do you prioritize all this how you prioritize all this and how you organize all this it's we need to just keep focused on how to do this and how we tie all this together the three main sites and there are three main sites because natures political revolution is of enormous significance and how do we weave all that together that has not yet been fully thought through so these are further thoughts in the discussion of what needs to get done


Specific plans for others.

As we look forward we must also think about plans to encourage other people to do things we almost always must analyze our future plans trying to think out a year ahead but a lot of very important work is beyond our capability so we want to put out some subjects for study for other people major universities and people like that a classic example would be the suicide and failure of democracy in Greece and the suicide and failure of democracy in Rome these are highly relevant and it is a necessary antidote to the sugarcoated whitewashing and cheerleading of these two situations in traditional historical studies it will also require picking out biographies of some relevant people that have not adequately been done this


all is probably something we may not get to for a while but it certainly should be kept in the back of our mind and can clarify what we can do but you have to emphasize that our main role is as a prophetic voice but we are also to serve as a catalyst to catalyze other people into action and this is part of what we are going to try to create and to try to catalyze interaction