The subject of this lecture is political pathology, political illness and political malevolence. The country we will focus on, the world system we will focus on, is the American system.

In one of the most important recent reports, the world wildlife fund recently reported that half of the world's wildlife has been murdered since 1970. Now what that means is that if you go back to 1945 when American imperialism became a dominant force in world you're probably talking about 75% of the world's wildlife murdered. The scale of the death toll was really truly breathtaking: 98% of the lions, 97% of the tigers, 98% of the whales, so on and so forth.

Recently we see an enormous death toll among amphibians and bats and bees, which raises very ominous questions about an explosion of insects and a collapse of agriculture. We've also discussed the toxic nature of the so-called green revolution from America, the whole idea of running an agricultural system on the basis of spraying huge amounts of poison onto the fields of the world, all pumping out underground aquifers.

Now this is pathological madness. It is its pathological madness, but it's part of a general American pathology. This is a pathological system similar to the mind of a serial killer. If you look at America, 95% of the original forests in the continental United States have been destroyed. Over 95% of the wetlands. An interesting picture of American history is the picture of some American hunters standing on a giant mountain buffaloes skulls, because they exterminated the buffalo to help exterminate the Indians and the mass murder of nature is directly connected to the genocide against the native Americans.


There are different structures of genocide in history. The historical structure of genocide is to force people off their land, because land is a source of life and when force people off their land they tend to be a lot fewer of them. They tend to die, which was the basic modus operandi, the basic method of American genocide. Hitler saw America as the model for what he wanted to do in his plan for the conquest of Russia. Whether he would've adopted a system that was as brutal as America...who knows...we really don't know. He was never able to implement that, but the whole point was the dislocation of local populations and the importation of populations from Germany.

There are two structures of imperialism in the Western world. One is what you might call settler imperialism, such as America, Israel, South Africa where you have huge settler population move in and displace local populations and what you might refer to is just simple colonialism such as the British temporary conquest of India, when you have a colonial elite imposed on a particular country, which would control that country militarily and so on.

Hitler's plans as we mentioned were based on settler imperialism, his model was America. The Nuremberg trials have to be one of the most ludicrous events in modern history where the Nazis were condemned for failing to carry out the kind of genocide that America succeeded in carrying out, but then again hypocrisy and deceit are very much an American tradition going back to the Declaration of Independence with its fraudulent claim that all men are created equal when obviously Native Americans, the victims of the genocide, were certainly not seen as equal and Blacks who were held as slaves were also obviously not seen as equal.


So when you look at America you look at a pathological society. This is a pathology, this is a murderous illness and has been unleashed on the world with very catastrophic consequences. Now there's an old saying that what goes around comes around. You can go back to the ancient Indian concept - ancient Sanskrit concepts of Dharma and Karma. Dharma is God's law, Karma is whether you go forward or backwards.

The concept of God, the concept of a supreme being is evident in a good part of the world's religions. We certainly aren't saying that all religions are the same and that kind of nonsense, but there is a theological construct of justice and this isn't pie-in-the-sky. After people are dead, this is seeing history as a manifestation of fate, divine power, whatever you want to call it. So the violations of these laws by the American pathological madness will produce a counter reaction which is going to be extremely severe.

You also have to discuss the sexual lunacy of America, while this society has been conducting a campaign of genocide in ecocide, there was a wholesale lunatic view that the way you define morality is how people conduct their sex lives with some hypocritical Victorian sexuality, which all in all was a complete lie and also a pathology.

Now pathologies don't end well, they don't, and when all this sorts itself out there's going to be a violent sorting out where people get back to a natural view of life.

It is also very important to filter out of your head the nonsense you were taught in school, that this society works for everybody, nobody's gonna be left behind, everybody has or deserves respect, everybody is going to have a nice life, somehow if you have a positive attitude and go out there and do it - it's going to be okay. That is rubbish. Its absolute nonsense. This is just about as nonsensical as believing that you can continue the ecocide and so on and that's going to have a happy ending.


This is going to be a violent sorting out of the haves and the have-nots and as the environmental hyper bubble explodes, this can be a drastic reduction in the number of people around. So rather than thinking about nonsense of everybody's life being worthwhile and so on, you're going to be talking about the brutal sorting out of the haves and the have-nots, and this has been quite normal in history. We would certainly agree that if you could freeze today's world we are in many ways living in the greatest error history, in so many ways. The problem is that this is all borrowed. Its an artificial world. Its history being a wheel and we have to go back down the other side, because this is not a stable system going forward.

So that's the point to understand and you need to think about that as you think about the kind of people who are going to come to power. You can't really emphasize strongly enough the pathological nature of American society. This is a pathology, this is a smiley face system of genocide and eco-side.

When you look at America what stands out vis-à-vis other empires, is not a murderous nature, but the hypocritical nature. Hypocrisy and deceit is probably one of the most outstanding aspect of American imperialism versus other empires in history, and the other is the pathological destruction of the biological foundations of life.

You probably won't hear a lot about this on any Fourth of July speeches, but then again, Fourth of July speeches are going to become kind of irrelevant as the American system collapses. So this is to further focus us in thinking ahead to the real future, the return to traditional values, the real traditional values, not the fake religious traditional values of the Christians, but of respect for nature and obedience to nature's laws, and the Caesar's who are going to turn that into a reality. This is the end of this lecture.