As we discussed in the previous lecture, the New World, the real world, not the fairytale world that's promised by the plutocrats that's never going to be, but the real world is going to be a ruthless sorting out of the "haves" and "have-nots." That's already going on right now in terms of non-human life where a staggering half of all nonhuman life has been exterminated since the 1970s, and the wholesale destruction of nonhuman life is a truly breathtaking holocaust of truly horrendous dimensions. Indeed we are living in the middle of the greatest wave of mass murder of other species and destruction since the Permian extinction 250 million years ago.

Now this has consequences for the human situation because as we sort out the haves and have-nots, that's gonna be a choice of who lives and who dies. Will this be done purely on the basis of money? That is doubtful. There's a second point, in the struggle for power there will be a need for biological super soldiers. So where does all this lead? Where all this leads is that the political leaders, the big hypocrites, they are going to do what they've sworn they won't do, which is to use biotechnology to change the human genetic code and to manipulate the human genetic code for the production of super soldiers.

Since you've seen America totally betray everything they claim to believe in since 911, this is going to be a lot shorter and a lot easier to do than many people think. There is already a major eugenics program in China, the full extent of which is not known. But you will have a biological arms race. Think about it. What if you can produce a person that's two or three times as smart as the average person. They're not gonna do it? Really? Rubbish, that's rubbish. In the near term this is going to be, shall we say, a messy process. They're going to produce an awful number of freaks, monsters and God knows what, and so this isn't going to be pretty, like a good part of world history, but then again, the whole future of this country isn't going to be pretty. But this will lead to a possible mass production of genetic super soldiers, and a kind of incarnation of Aldus Huxley's Brave New World, but on a much more ruthless and much more sophisticated scale. Huxley's thing was just too crude and not really all that well thought through. That won't be a problem in the future, and you will have cloning of people. You can have cloning of major figures in history.

This is all likely to be coming. So that's a very important point to understand what's coming. They are going to try to take control of the human genetic code. This is sort of a taboo subject we need to think of a way in which this can be discussed in a more politically correct, I suppose way, a more honest way, so people understand the nature of what's coming. There's the notion that "they wouldn't do something like that." Really? I mean the American leaders who murdered 1 million people in Iraq? Some wonderful person like Madeleine Albright, a product of good establishment liberalism said killing 500,000 Iraqi children was "worth it." Look back at the history of America, the mass murders committed by America in World War II with a wholesale mass murder of civilians, the mass murder of civilians in North Korea. In Vietnam you had the great establishment figure of liberalism, Mr. McGeorge Bundy, who launched a war that killed 3 million third world people in Indochina, and involved the largest wholesale use of chemical weapons against civilians since the Nazi Holocaust.

So these are not nice people and they are not going to be inhibited by any code of moral values. You can be sure of that. They've already revealed to the world the kind of people they are. So this is something we need to think creatively about because there's going to be very tough decisions made about who lives and who dies, and that goes into the issue of euthanasia and so on. So there's already a very systematic system of mass murder in place as we talk right now. It's known as get rich or die. So poverty throughout history has been a very effective weapon of mass destruction, and that of course is not new. It's just more prettied up today and more hypocritical. However, when the environmental underpinnings of this whole nightmare collapses, there's going to be a lot more frank talk about who's gonna be around and who isn't. For a good part of the people on this planet, the great high-tech world order, it's going to be like a videogame screen flashing of a bright red "Game Over" for them. So they probably are not going to take that very kindly, and that's why there's going to be a lot of violence. And that further fuels the whole need for the biological super soldiers to restore order and etc. etc.

So these are some creative thoughts that we also need to integrate into what we're talking about and in particular in trying to see what's coming. The genome and stuff like that. What are the harbingers that we see right now, particularly in China.

This is the end of this lecture.