It's July 12, 2015. The purpose of this lecture is to clarify further editorial priorities for what we need to produce. I want to reiterate a number of themes and themes we've discussed repeatedly, but it's all about themes. Anybody can write all sorts of articles about public affairs, but it's the themes that matter and it's the connection of the themes to the collective unconscious.


A key theme is the malevolent nature of the current world order, particularly in the West, particularly in America and Europe, particularly in America. This is not a good system that just somehow got confused; this is a fundamentally evil and malevolent system. That's a very important point to understand. Now a secondary point to understand, which also flies in the face of what we've all been taught in school is that everybody's going to be taken care of because of course it's a benevolent system, right? Well that's not going to be the case and the only reason they've managed to avoid global famine and a whole series of other catastrophes since this whole nightmare was unleashed in 1945 has been borrowing from the future, particularly environmental borrowing from the future, and that is been an accelerating process, particularly the evolution of the green revolution which is led to the spraying of poison all over the fields of the world and the draining of underground aquifers. Now we can go on to a whole series of horrors of in the environment that we discussed on the website that's basically a point. Now what has happened on in recent times, the great so called "New World order," has been coming apart at the seams financially. This great triumph over communism in this new world order is coming apart at the seams financially, in terms of financial debt as well as environmental debt.


At the heart of the situation is a system that doesn't work. It's a system that doesn't work because if it did work, it wouldn't need to keep plugging the holes with these astronomical levels of unviable debt. Before World War I, the Europeans had a concept "the day" or in German "der tag." Now "der tag" is coming financially the financial "der tag" is likely to show up before the environmental "der tag," but it's coming, and that's where we come in, to prepare the way for the real future.

I've sat at my desk for 20 years and have analyzed the world situation. Probably from the time that Bush unleashed the invasion of Iraq is the single most important step towards disaster. When I think through what will happen, I come to a conclusion I don't want to believe, which is violent revolution. Two words: violent revolution. I do not see that this can be avoided. Now looking forward at the real future we come to the structure of the coming Caesar's, the structure of the coming dictators, and our video on the coming Caesar's is truly brilliant. It's very great in conceptualizing this.


Now one of the things we need to do is to fill in the blanks so to speak and to create a more visible picture of the coming Caesar's... what kind of people - a clearer definition of the agenda. One of the main points of the agenda....well two of the main points...one is that when this whole system collapses a large number of people are gonna die, it's simply not going to be possible to keep them alive. That's point one. Point two - the political West in particular is so full of garbage in terms of people with dumb ideas, and sick ideas, and evil ideas is that there is going to be a lot of violence in sorting that out, a lot of people are going to fight against reform and also they're going to be very desperate because the collapse of the economy is going to wipe them out and so on. Particularly in America where we have a total lack of a safety net.


Now when we think about the coming Caesar's we need to think a little bit more detailed in terms of geography here. Alright, it's great to talk about Caesars. Caesar's where? You already have an authoritarian sort of world order emerging in Russia and China. We feel that's likely to accelerate. The key point is the emergence of the Caesar's in America and Europe. Now America, I have to confess I still don't see a happy ending to that. Now I see some kind of breakup coming to America, and I agree that that can't be documented and proven directly, but that's just my feeling. I feel the main place to follow is Europe. You need to understand Germany and you need to understand the structure of German unification, the concept of United Europe came from Germany. You won't hear a lot of talk about this from the people in the EU, but the vision for the EU was Hitler's vision, so they don't probably want to be associated with that for understandable reasons, but that's where it came from of a United Europe, particularly as a counterweight to American economic power.


Now the evolution of the EU is similar (nothing's 100% the same), but it's similar to the evolution of Germany, of German unification, with the Zollverein, the customs union in the 19th century, and that set a lot of good things in motion for Germany. However German unification was not created without a fight. Bismarck had to fight three wars to unify Germany and Bismarck also ran roughshod and openly really repudiated the whole concept of democracy, even though Germany was a democracy, Bismarck put forth an ideological vision that was totally contrary to everything that America claims to believe in. Underline the word "claims to believe in," because America throughout history is really a giant fraud, it's based on genocide, slavery so on and pretends to be a democracy. Today you have a sort of de facto plutocracy and you might say America's always been somewhat of a plutocracy that pretends to be a democracy, but anyway, getting back to Germany in the 19th century in Europe today.


The upshot of the Greek mess, and we at this point can predict the exact outcome, but while we can't predict the exact outcome, we can predict the political outcome of that, which is to discredit the ruling class of politicians in Europe. Yes it does. It shatters public confidence in them, and this could get a lot worse when the whole debt hyper bubble starts to explode all across the world. So Europe will become a lot more united and it's very likely that that's not to be a peaceful process, and how that plays out we don't know. But we still see the idea of a charismatic leader coming to power in Europe. Yes, now in thinking this thing through further you got to look at the different power structures around the world: Europe, America, Russia, China, India and then the more complex situation in places like Africa and Latin America and the Middle East.


So the whole structure of this thing is not clear. We certainly don't pretend to know exactly will happen in each state, no one does, but that is going to be the struggle, and there will be in our view enormous struggles for Empire as there always have been throughout history, and the issue of biological weapons, the issue of nuclear weapons, all this will provide a justification for totalitarianism on a scale that's never before been seen. Think it through. You already see it in the United States where 2 1/2 office buildings were destroyed after 911, and you had a just a wholesale destruction of the entire system of civil liberties, and that's a portent of things to come. Wait till things really start coming off the car. So we need to get back to the dictator. The dictator's ability to communicate. The nature of the personality of the dictators and so on. What they will say, how they will communicate, this needs to be fleshed out and we need to think and meditate on this more because this is the future. This is what's coming. This is what's real. This is the end of this lecture.